experience interculturality







We are facing a globalized world. People from different cultures and ethnic groups live togehter in a confined space. This developement will grow more and more in the future especially in bigger cities throughout western societies. We will need strategies that help us building up tolerance and the possibility for respectful cohabitation instead of exclusion.


"Raum Drei" is the final outcome of a project that based on the question how the positive aspects of interculturality can be shown and reinforced by design. Throughout a human-centered design process the needs and reglementations of western society towards interculturality, diversity and integration were analyzed. The essence of this process was that people need the possibility to experience and be part of the action in order to develope an awareness for interculturality.


These insights led to the developement of a pop-up café where visitors can experience "interculturality" at three different levels. The level of interaction, the level of communication and the information level.