infographics for humanitarian aid








Imagine you're in a foreign country. Imagine you're sick and you have to see a doctor. But you have trouble understanding each other because of different languages and cultural backgrounds. In the end there are helpless doctors and unsatisfied patients.


The PICTURE AID suitcase can help. It contains a system of visual tools supporting communication in a medical and intercultural context. In case of verbal communication problems between medical stuff and patients this system provides a collection of medical illustrations for communication and documentation of medical history.  This solution is designed in order to be applied in the  area of humanitarian aid/developement aid abroad or for consultations of immigrants or refugees at local hospitals and medical facilities.


Its content consists of a poster for an anamnesis, a patient file that allows documentation under complicated conditions, four fans that explain the doctors‘ approaches to medical evaluation and treatment to the patient and eventually cards and stamps that help to visualize the follow-up procedure.





Finalist at the Hans Sauer Award 2015


Honorable mention at the

Newcommer Innovationprice

at the Altenpflegemesse 2015





Hans Sauer Award

Ego FM

Lautes Denken



Future Convention 2015